Who's Who for 2015

page last updated on 7/21/15

Specialties are only as good as the hard working volunteers who donate their time and expertise to help put it on. Right now we have a core group of fabulous and fun people, but we need you too!! It's a great way to meet people. Donate a couple hours, make some new friends and help make your specialty a success.

Dont be shy, contact the Show Committee and let them know where you're interested in participating.

Show Committee

Committee Name Connect
Show Chair Bronwyn Bauer Jfb85@aol.com
Superintendent Jack Onofrio Dog Shows www.onofrio.com
Photographer Paul D Payne paulsphotography@yahoo.com



Committee Name Connect
Activities Coordinator Karen Florentine kfloren@ptd.net
Advertising Susan Upcraft twobouvs@sbcglobal.net
Agility Chair:
Ray Atkinson Sarah.shorey@gmail.com

Auction & Raffle Bronwyn Bauer jfb85@aol.com
Awards Susan costanzo skybouviers@comcast.net
BHF Show Liaison Beth Leabch bouvgroove9@yahoo.com
Futurity Shelley Bowman alwaysbouviers@comcast.net
Carting Ann Schallert ankat@IX.Netcom.com
Grooming Space Cynthia Thames monamiebouvs@aol.com
Grounds Chair:
Frank Dreyfus cornus@earthlink.net
Health Foundation Susan Costanzo skybouviers@comcast.net
Herding Chair: Lee Murrer murrer@comcast.net
Hospitality Chair:
Susan Upcraft twobouvs@sbcglobal.net
Judges Education Chair Lee Calhoun Frontierbouv@sbcglobal.net
Multi Level Performance Jean Nocilly jnocilly@gmail.com
Ringside Seating & Name Tags June Guido gwbouv@yahoo.com
Obedience &
Rally Chair
Nancy Scott cheybouv@aol.com
Photo Contest
Patte Klecan bedrckbouv@aol.com
Planning Guide
Susan Upcraft twobouvs@sbcglobal.net
Planning Committee for
Social Media/facebook
Contact email
Facebook page
www.facebook.com/ ABdFC2015National
RV Scott Anderson roguebouviers@att.net
Specialty Website Marilyn L Adams cambouvier@wowway.com
Top 20 Chair
Christa Townsend
Sue Vroom
Susan Upcraft
Karen Kimbrough
Treasurer Susan Upcraft twobouvs@sbcglobal.net
Show Committee ABdFCnationalplanning@yahoo.com
Ways & Means Susan Upcraft twobouvs@sbcglobal.net
Vendor Chair Joni Weed tumbleweed@elpasotel.net