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Mr. Steven D Gladstone, Esq
Mount Pocono, PA

GladstoneI am approved by the American Kennel Club to judge three AKC Groups: Herding, Working and Hound
as well as Best In Show and AKC Miscellaneous Classes. I judge FCI Groups 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 10. I was
first approved by AKC to judge Cardigan Welsh Corgis in 1989 and the Herding Group in 1995. Since
then I have judged extensively throughout the United States at hundreds of AKC All Breed and
Specialty shows. (Please refer to www.akc.org for a resume of my AKC assignments since 1998). My
international judging assignments have included appointments in Canada, Mexico, New Zealand,
Argentina, Colombia, England, Wales, Denmark, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Russia (Moscow,
St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod), China, (Beijing, Canton and Nanjing), The Philippines, Bulgaria,
Estonia, Italy and South Africa.

I have judged at the AKC-Eukanuba Invitational (Orlando and Long Beach) six times, including the
Herding Group, and the Eurasia 2014 Show in Moscow. I have been privileged to judge many National Specialties in both the US and abroad, and Corgi Specialties in nearly every country where there is a Corgi club.

Along with my late wife, Marieann, I bred and exhibited Cardigan Welsh Corgis under the Aragorn prefix since 1974, earning more than 100 AKC titles in nearly every aspect of the sport in which a Cardigan can compete. We also owned Norwegian Elkhounds, German Shepherd Dogs, and Australian Shepherds. I now share my life with Jan Ritchie and her Smooth Fox Terriers and we have added a Leonburger to our household along with our Cardigans.

I have served the Sport of purebred dogs in many capacities. I have been a member of a number of All Breed Clubs, holding most every office and position within them. I have served as President, AKC Delegate, Show Chair and Board member of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America. Since 2001 I have served three terms as one of thirteen elected members of the AKC Board of Directors, as well as on the boards of the AKC Canine Health Foundation and AKC Reunite, the AKC’s lost animal recovery service.



Myra Roth
Canton, OH

Myra RothAlthough I have spent nearly 30 years with my world revolving around Bouviers, my involvement in dog shows began back in high school, spending my weekends working for two all-breed professional handlers. One of our trips over East I met a sweet hairy beast named Picolette, owned by Marion Hubbard, and the rest in history.

While having a very minimal breeding operation due to a full time job at an endontic practice, I am thrilled with the success I have had.....doing everything breeder and owner handled.  I have bred multiple champions in both US and Canada, multiple specialty select and awards of merit, multiple futurity and national sweepstakes winners, as well as, the '98 National specialty winner, and co-owned the '04 National specialty winner.

In addition to being a long time ABdFC member, I have served the club as vice president, club liaison, chairman of the Illustrated Standard committee, and served several terms on the Board of Directors. I also served on the national specialty committees in 2002 and 2012. I am also a member of our local all-breed club, McKinley KC, and where I am currently serving on the Board of Directors. I serve on the show committee as trophy chairman and vendor chairman. I am also a long time member of the Ohio Stewards Club.

I am honored to have received the vote from the membership to judge the 2015 ABdFC Futurity, and look forward to some "hands on" evaluating instead of "ringside/armchair quarterbacking"!


Mr. Allen Odom
Denver, CO

OdomMr. Allen Odom started showing his first breed, Boston Terruers, in 1965. A deep appreciation for all breeds over the years lead Allen to own or show a variety of breeds. But it was the passion for Whippets that lead to breeding and showing for over 25 years and six generations of champions later.
Allen was first approved to judge Whippets in 1990 and later added Afghan Hounds, Basenjis, Borzois and Australian Shepherds.
In 1995, Allen joined the ranks of the American Kennel Club’s Executive Field Representative. He served in that position until retirement in 2012.
Allen is presently approved for all Hounds, Non-Sporting Group (80% system), several Toy and Herding breeds.

It is an honor to be asked to judge Sweepstakes at the Bouvier des Flandres National. My first exposure started back in the 1970’s with a local Bouvier des Flandres Breeder in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’m looking forward to a fun day of judging your wonderful breed.


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4 to 6 months Puppies & Junior Showmanship

Jean Pero
Lakewood, CO

PeroI am somewhat a newcomer to the sport of purebred dogs, compared to a lot of my fellow Judges.  As a child I was not allowed to have a dog, could be the reason that at one time I owned and lived with 23 Great Pyrenees. I got my first show dog, a Great Pyrenees in 1982 and the rest is history.  Although, I have bred a small number of litters (9) they have included 19 Champions, WD, RWD, WB, BBE, BOW, and Best in Futurity at our National Specialties.

I am a past President of the Great President of America, co-chair the  Judges Education Committee and serve on the Health and Rescue Committees.  I have been chosen to chair three Great Pyrenees National Specialties, including the 2010 which was held in conjunction with the 4th Great Pyrenees World Conference.  I have had the privilege of judging the Great Pyrenees Club of America’s, Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America's, The Swedish Great Pyrenees  National Specialties, National Specialty Sweepstakes for the Newfoundland Club America and the Rottweiler Club of America., Junior Showmanship for the Kuvasz Club of America and the Saint Bernard Club of America.  Also the Regional the day before the Leonberger National Specialty. An honor that is humbling and  greatest honor that any breed club could bestow.

I am a founding member and past President of the Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America,  Treasurer of Mile High Great Pyrenees Club, Founding member and President of the Peak To Peak Working Dog Association.  Thru out the last 30+ years I served in several positions in  all Breed and Regional Breed Clubs. Have been the show Chair for 7 of the 8 Peak Working Dog Association Group shows. A  member of Evergreen CO KC and Plum Creek KC, two local all breed Clubs.

I applied for my Judges license in 2003 and am currently approved to judge 14 breeds and all breed Junior showmanship.  I am in the process of applying for an additional 6 breeds.   

I retired from My professional career is in sales and management in the Automotive Glass Replacement industry for the last 41 years, on 12-31-14.  That is a lot of years spending time with Windshields.  I also serve as a Treasurer and Membership Chair on my industry’s safety council, The Auto Glass Safety Council. I was awarded "One of the Most Influential in the Glass Industry Award" in August 2013 and the Safety Award of Excellence in 2014.

I am married, have three grown Children and five Grandchildren.  My non-dog hobbies include travel, exploring wineries, cooking, and reading.  I currently live with one Pyr, and 2 Ragdoll cats.



Jamie Horacek

Trial Secretary:
Janie Horacek Helen H. Hittesdorf
10485 Balsam St.
Broomfield, CO  80021

Jamie Horacek started in agility in 2000 with her Australian Shepard puppy, Tango. At the time, the American Kennel Club agility trials had only two classes, Standard and Jumpers with Weaves. Her next dog, a Shetland Sheepdog, Ellie, was supposed to be her son’s agility dog but he liked baseball more than agility and she took over training. Ellie achieved many milestones in agility and has since retired. She now competes with a 3 year old Sheltie, Nala which she bred and has kept one of the puppies, Aero, who is 10 months old. Jamie became a judge in 2014 and looks forward to traveling and meeting many more agility exhibitors across the country.




Terre Norte

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Patricia Maynard
Longmont, Colorado

MaynardI’m Pat Maynard and I have been judging obedience (and now rally) since 1987.  And for those of you who think your breed is difficult to train. . . my original Utility Degree was on a male Akita!

I really enjoy watching teams having fun doing the exercises in the obedience and rally rings.  The teamwork and special bond created is very rewarding to see.  I see small successes for every team; and it is great when all the training comes together for a qualifying score or even a placement! 

I live in Longmont, Colorado, with my significant other (Jeff), a Golden Retriever and 2 Australian Terriers   I compete in conformation, obedience, rally and agility.  I also enjoy yoga, hiking, travel, and medical Chi Gong .  And I have a great job as a massage therapist!


Roberta Oxley


Sue Raney (Monday's Carting Judge)
Arvada, Colorado
Sue Raney

Thanks so much to the show committee for inviting me to judge your draft test at Nationals.  It's a high honor and I am looking forward to congratulating all of you on your carting titles!

I have loved Newfoundlands since the early 1980s when we added our first puppy to the family.  The world of dog sports was opened up for us and after 25 years, I love dog sports as much now as I did then!  Working with dogs gives joy, laughter, exercise, new friendships, and creates a unique bond between dog and handler that lasts no matter what the outcome of any trial.  It's why I stay involved with dog sports, and it's what I wish for you for this week!

I'm a mentor judge for draft work for the Newfoundland Club of America, serve as the Newfoundland Club of America's Working Dog Committee chairperson, and have been actively involved in High Country Newfoundland club's working events for 25 years.  I also chaired our Colorado-held National Specialty in 2007 where Bouvier friends joined us for draft tests in Golden, CO.  But most of all, I am a lover of working with my dogs.  Most of the fun I have had with my dogs has revolved around the wheels of the cart....from training, to trialing, to giving dog rides for all types of events, Christmas Carting and parades with our Amazing 8 and their sleigh.  Carting activities are limitless -- l wish all the entrants the best of luck and much fun along the route.

Patti Pigeon (Tuesday's Carting Judge)

My involvement with Newfs began over 30 years ago when we rescued our first Newf Hank from a local animal shelter. We started attending local obedience classes and clinics sponsored by our local Newfoundland club, and I soon realized that the bond between us was strengthened by all of the time we spent together. From that point on, we started participating in more working activities. Carting came into my life when, just for fun, I started having Hank travel the neighborhood with our young twin daughters as passengers in his cart. Even now, our dogs continue to give children rides in Golden for holidays and special events.

As much as we enjoy competing in official dog events, the challenge of hooking up 8 Newfoundlands to a sleigh has to be highlight of my carting experiences; the 8-dog sleigh team, known as the Amazing 8, provides the Golden community with an entertaining and fun way to experience draft work during the holidays and raise money for charity. What a joyous time this group has working together!

My husband, Paul, and I live in Golden, Colorado with our Newf, CH Sweetbay’s Sullivan CD RE DD (2) WD (1) TDI. Looking forward to meeting all of you. Enjoy this special day with your dog.

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