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2014 National Specialty

Purina Farms | St. Louis, MO
ABdFC National Specialty (October 25-31) | NIBdFC Regional Specialty (November 1)

2014 ABdFC National Specialty


All properties are ready to take reservations now!

Holiday Inn Six Flags

Host Hotel
(800) 782-8108 (Mon-Fri)
Contact: Crystal Smith
4911 Six Flags Rd., Eureka
$99.95 per night
9:00am - 5:00pm CST

Travelodge Six Flags

Secondary Hotel
(800) 782-8487
2875 Hwy 100,
Gray Summit
$69.95 per night

Information for Both Hotels

  • Bathing & Grooming Facilities
  • $30.00 one time pet fee (up to 4 dogs per room)
  • Room Discount Code, refer to "Bouvier Group"

Quality Inn

12 Hwy W
Foristell, MO
(636) 673-2900
Accepts dogs as of 5/15/14

Americas Best Value Inn of Warrenton (formerly Days Inn)

220 Arlington Way
Warrenton, MO
Limited number of rooms for large dogs be sure to call for availability.

Our goal at the Holiday Inn at Six Flags and Travelodge is to provide a pleasant place for all guests. We want to be successful at hosting your dog show, and all dog shows, so that we can continue to hold similar events in the future. Please help us by following the guidelines listed below. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact a member of our management team. We hope that you enjoy your stay with us, and we look forward to serving you!

  1. There will be a maximum of 4 dogs allowed per room.
  2. The guest will be charged a one-time dog fee of $30.00 per stay. This fee applies to all guests. This fee is fixed, and will not change even if the guest stays one night or five nights. This fee is also non-refundable.
  3. Dogs left unattended in a guest room must be in a crate. Plastic sheeting should be placed under each crate in the guest room area.
  4. Hotel guest with dogs in the room need to use the special door hanger provided by the hotel. This hanger will leave instructions to the housekeeping staff. Housekeeping will not enter the room unless the door hanger is present.
  5. Housekeeping must be allowed to clean a guest room (with dogs) at least every two days. Guests who have special requests (i.e. a certain time of the day that the room will be vacant) can discuss them with the housekeeping staff upon arrival.
  6. Owners/exhibitors should bring their own toweling for bathing the dogs. A daily inventory for missing or damaged towels will be taken. Any necessary charges will be applied to the guest.
  7. Bathing and/or grooming of dogs in or right outside the guest room is not allowed. The hotel will impose a $100 penalty to anyone found grooming in this manner. The hotel has a grooming house on the grounds, which will be available for use. Grooming is not allowed on any sidewalks.
  8. The individual guest will be responsible for any damage to a guest room or any hotel property. This includes, but not limited to, replacement cost for carpeting if odors or stains cannot be removed with traditional cleaning methods.
  9. Dogs are to be leashed at all times when out of the guest room.
  10. The hotel and the show committee will investigate any problem areas that are outlined above. Any guest not following the above guidelines will be asked to check out of the hotel without refund.
  11. Dogs will not be allowed in the following public areas: the lobby, restaurant, lounge, Holidome, and the respective hallways to the areas listed.
  12. There will be a $100 fee for any removal of guest room furniture. All furniture must remain in the room at all times.
  13. Extension cords are not allowed to be plugged in to rooms from a vehicle, trailer, or camper in the parking lot.
The following apply to the guest room reservation policies:
  • Room assignment is at the discretion of the hotel. Special request, such as drive up rooms, will be granted on a first come first serve basis. This basis is in reference to the date the room was reserved, not the date the guest arrives.
  • Our hotel can not guarantee any special request. We will, however, try our best to meet your wishes.

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