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2014 National Specialty

Purina Farms | St. Louis, MO
ABdFC National Specialty (October 25-31) | NIBdFC Regional Specialty (November 1)

2014 ABdFC National Specialty

2014 Bouvier Photo Calendar Contest

Our Bouviers aren’t just pretty faces that can run around a conformation ring or weave through agility poles or herd a flock of sheep or pull a cart or do a perfect sit stay. The photo contest is all about showcasing these wonderful dogs that enrich our lives in so many different ways. We invite you to share these special moments by entering the photo contest!

Selecting the Winners

The winning photo of each category will be featured in the ABdFC 2016 calendar with the People's Choice Winner on the cover. A beautiful streamer rosette custom made for the category of the photo will be awarded to each winner. The People's Choice winner will be chosen by ballot.

New Categories

We have some new categories this year:

  • Dog Days of Summer
  • Bouvier Snow Bunnies
  • Love at First Sight
  • Let’s Eat!
  • Belgian Water Dogs
  • Silver Beards
  • Whatcha Doing? (Bouviers looking inquisitively at the conduct of people & other animals)
  • Bouvier Yoga
  • Gettin’ Down & Dirty (Bouviers at work or play)
  • Celebrating the Holiday Spirit
  • Bouvier at Your Service (Bouviers being helpful)
  • What Have You Done? (Bouviers in trouble)
  • Do Not Disturb

Photo Submission

All photos, submitted by September 1, 2014, will be beautifully displayed during the National Specialty at Purina Farms. Download the Photo Contest Entry Form (PDF/52K) and submit your entry today.

Important Information Before You Submit Your Photo

  • The photos should be 8X10 in size
  • Do not send non-replaceable photographs, as we cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged photos
  • Entrants agree that winning photographs will appear in the ABdFC Calendar
  • Submit one form for each entry and attach the form to back of photo
  • Make checks payable to ABdFC and note “Photo Contest” at the bottom
Photos will be accepted at the National, but these photographs will likely not be displayed as artfully as the photographs submitted by September 1, 2014. Entrants who want their photos returned may pick them up the Friday of the National or include a stamped, self-addressed return package with the entry.

Questions about the photo contest? Contact Patte Klecan at (505) 890-0532

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