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Mrs. Nancy Eilks
Lake Mills, WI

Nancy Eilks, Conformation Judge I, along with husband Doug, started in dogs in 1979 with our first Bouvier des Flandres from DeLanda Kennel, and have bred, trained and shown since then under the Blackstone kennel name.  I have bred or handled over 80 Bouviers to their Championship, and have handled a home-bred dog to the Top 10.  We had shown and trained dogs in schutzhund and obedience as well as conformation. 

In 1985 we acquired our first Rottweiler.  We had Rottweilers for a period of about 10 years.  I have also owned and shown a Miniature Schnauzer, Giant Schnauzer and Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and handled other breeds on a limited basis.  We were active in the Wisconsin Schutzhund Club, Badger Kennel Club, Northeastern Illinois Bouvier des Flandres Club, and American Bouvier des Flandres Club.  I have served in various Officer, Board and Committee positions with each of these clubs, including as President for two terms and Show Chairman twice for the ABdFC, and as President and Show Secretary for a number of years for the regional club.  I am currently chairman of the ABdFC Register of Merit and the Ways and Means Committees and am still active in Judge’s Education.  I am a strong advocate for the performance abilities of the Bouvier, and had been instrumental in establishing the Multi-Level Performance awards at the National Specialties and managing the first tracking trials at the Nationals.

I am pursuing AKC approval to judge herding and working breeds and have been approved to judge Bouviers for 11 years.  I also judge for ARBA (American Rare Breed Association), UKC (United Kennel Club), ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) and ICKC (International Canine Kennel Club).

In my other life, I hold certifications as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and CGFM (Certified Government Financial Manager) and work for the great State of Wisconsin.



Mrs. Sherrod McDaniel

Sherrod McDaniel, Futurity JudgeI am honored and excited to be asked to judge Futurity at the ABdFC Specialty. Having participated in Futurity many times, I understand the thoughtfulness and effort of each breeder and owner, that goes into every entry. I look forward, as other members do, to seeing the future of our breed.

I have loved and lived with Bouviers for almost 30 years. These wonderful Bouviers have included several #1 All Breed dogs, multiple BIS and BISS dogs, Top 20 Dogs, Futurity winners, herding titled dogs and treasured pets. As Avalon Bouviers, I have maintained a very selective breeding program, striving to produce healthy dogs that proudly represent our Breed Standard.

As a founding member of the BHF, I am pleased with our collective efforts to improve Bouvier health. I have also served on the Board of Governors of the ABdFC, judged the SE Michigan Specialty Sweepstakes and was awarded ABdFC Top Twenty Outstanding Breeder Charter Member in 2011.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the "Ranch"!

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Mr. Edd Bivin

Edd Bivin, Sweepstakes JudgeA native of Fort Worth, Texas, I acquired my first purebred dog at the age of twelve. This Pomeranian bitch introduced me to the sport of dogs and became the foundation of a breeding program that led to my breeding and exhibiting top- winning Pomeranians. From this base I was to first judge toy dogs at match shows at the age of fifteen. I was approved to judge Pomeranians at championship point shows in the US in 1961. I am presently approved to judge all sporting breeds, all working breeds, all terrier breeds, all toy breeds, all non-sporting breeds and several herding and hound breeds.

It has been my privilege to judge many all-breed and specialty shows in the United States and abroad, among those being many of the internationally famous ones-best in show at Westminster, 1999. A great joy has been the judging of many national specialty shows of various breeds in the groups for which I am approved.

Pursuing a career in education, I served for 32 years as an administrator at Texas Christian University with 18 of those years spent as Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services. My wife Irene and I enjoyed the breeding and exhibiting of Doberman Pinschers and dachshunds during her lifetime. I retired from the university in 2003.

Among the more satisfying activities that I have helped with in purebred dogs is my work with Take The Lead, a charitable organization for people in the sport. The need for this organization and its assistance to individuals in the sport who are suffering life threatening or critical illness or injury is beyond my ability to adequately describe. It is a way for me and others to give back to a sport from which we have taken so much.


4 to 6 months Puppies

Dr. Dana Massey

Dana Massey, 4 to 6 month Puppies JudgeEach year, The American Kennel Club recognizes and celebrates an outstanding purebred dog breeder with the Breeder of the Year Award. The award honors those breeders who have dedicated their lives to improving the health, temperament and quality of purebred dogs. At a special presentation held during the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship show, a breeder, or pair of breeders, is recognized in each of the 7 Groups. At the conclusion of the presentation, one of the 7 Group recipients is chosen as the Breeder of the Year. Dr. Dana Massey, Win’Weim Weimaraners, is the AKC 2012 Sporting Group Breeder of the Year.

Dana has lived with Weimaraners since 1950 and is grateful for the mentoring she has received from Chris Grisell (Nani’s) and Judy Colan (Colsidex). Susan Line and Russ/Heidi Wagler have been very supportive over the years and are important to the success of Win’Weim!

Dana has owned and/or bred Weimaraners consistently in the Top 10--plus BIS, Top 20 Winner, WCA Hall of Fame, National Specialty BISS, BROM, and Pedigree Top producers. Additionally, Win’Weim dams/sires have won more than 23 Bests in Futurity/Maturity awards. A firm believer in the versatility of sporting dogs, she is proud that her dogs have AKC VCD1, TDX, SH with MH legs, All-Breed High in Trial in Obedience, and over 85 AKC performance titles plus several WCA Versatile Excellent designations.

Dana was committee chairperson for the WCA Hall of Fame and was Judges’ Education chair. She is a longtime member, officer and current president of the Lone Star Weimaraner Club of Dallas, a member of the Trinity Valley Weimaraner Club in Fort Worth, and served on the board of directors of Weimaraner Rescue of Texas. As vice president of the Stephenville Kennel Club of Texas, she served as show chair for several years. An AKC judge, she judges BIS, the Sporting Group, Junior Showmanship, eight working breeds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and Australian Shepherds.

Dr. Massey’s doctorate was earned from the University of Nebraska. She taught at the University of Nebraska, Bellevue University, and is currently employed at McLennan College in the Business department. Dana lives in Valley Mills, Texas with her husband Billy. Their children – Connally, Kyle, Grady, and Dane-Ann – have lived with Weimaraners all of their lives. The grandchildren – Kendall, Kolton, Dane, Dalana, and Braden – also have shared their lives with Weims.

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Mr. Blair Kelly

Blair Kelly, Agility JudgeBlair Kelly has been an agility judge since 2000. He has judged, so far in 32 states, and was a judge at the 2011 AKC Agility Invitational. He judged at the 2006 ABdFC National Specialty in Maryland, and is honored to be invited back to judge at this year's National Specialty All-Breed trials. Blair runs Norwich terriers and was the human-half of the team that earned the first Norwich MACH. Friends have had him run several slightly-larger dogs - border collies (on two different continents!), a standard poodle, and a flat-coated retriever - and he has acquitted himself reasonably well, even earning MACH points! Blair breeds Norwich terriers, is an AKC Breeder of Merit, and is a fierce advocate of health testing. Blair is a retired mathematician whose interest is computational number theory.



Mr. Terry Culley

Terry Culley, Agility JudgeMy agility career started in Albuquerque, NM in 1990 when Acoma’s Mr. Spock came into our lives. He was a big Bouvier boy who was full of life and himself and we hit it off right away. When agility started in our area in the early 90’s we tried it out with Mr. Spock and we had a blast. Since then I have been very fortunate to have several Bouvier agility dogs: Briarlea’s Ro Lauren; Briarlea’s North Star Dixie (aka Cmdr. Riker), Briarlea’s Mr. Norbu and Briarlea’s BennuAssar ThaNefer. Also during this time from the 90’s to the present I have also had agility Wire Hair Fox Terriers: Drago’s Dax Doodle and Kira Narys. It has been my greatest pleasure to work with these dogs in the agility ring and have them as a part of my life’s joy.

We have had the great honor of winning best of breed in agility at the AKC Invitational in 2006 with Briarlea’s Mr. Norbu and many great runs with all of our dogs. Since becoming an AKC agility judge in 2002 it has been my privilege to be in the ring with some of the best agility dogs in America. Since I retired from the airline world in 2008, I am committed to my dogs, judging, doing agility trials, our huge garden and my loving family.



Donna Walker

Donna Walker, Herding JudgeI would like to thank you for inviting me to be one of the judges at your Bouvier Sponsored All Breed Herding Trial of 2013.

I have had dogs my entire life and trained in some capacity or another - starting with a German Shepherd Dog and a Miniature Poodle and ending up with Border Collies.  I grew up with livestock and my dogs not only compete in herding trials but also complete work on the farm.  I competed with horses in the past so working in a controlled manner with livestock has always been a part of my life.  

When I enter into any gate with one of my dogs (either to train or to trial) my goal is to have a successful work session with my dog - we are a partnership; it is not necessarily about bringing home the blue ribbon.  By successful, I mean speaking in a soft tone, having the dog work through the situation while keeping the stock at a casual walking pace.  My most prized award was a comment upon exiting the trial field; another competitor complimented the work my dog and I just completed together - stating that "we worked as one".

I wish each of you successful partnerships with your herding dogs!

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Ms. Jean Nocilly

Jean Nocilly, Obedience/Rally JudgeAfter 20 years of riding and showing Quarter Horses, I acquired my first show dog, a Bouvier named Amos. My Novice A dog took me on a wonderful journey into the world of dog competition. Amos earned American and Canadian Championships and UD AX OAJ HS and HIAd titles. I have since competed with 6 more Bouviers, earning conformation championships on all of them. My second and third Bouviers, Anchor (Am Can Ch Eclipse Singular Sensation UDX RE HXAd HSAs OA NAJ) and Grover (DC Mapleridge Babochon Illusion UDX RAE HXAd HSBd AX AXJ), allowed me to earn the UDX title. Grover also won the privilege of being invited to the National Obedience Championship in 2006 and 2007. It was a wonderful experience to compete with the top obedience dogs in the country.

I currently have 4 Bouviers in various stages of training in obedience, herding, agility and tracking.

  • “Dust” Ch Skrattegaard Eat My Dust CDX GO GN RE HXAsd AXP AJP NFP
  • “Mariah” DC Skrattegaard Breakin The Rules CDX GO GN RAE HXAsdc HXBd AX OAJ NF
  • “Callie” GCh Eclipse Be Careful What You Wish For CD BN RA HIAsc HSAd NAP NJP
  • “Nike” Ch Frontier Just Do It BN RN HIAsd HSAc

In 2009 I realized a goal of mine to become an AKC obedience and rally judge. I am approved in Novice, Open and Rally and provisional in Utility at this time. I am looking forward to judging obedience at the 2013 ABdFC Nationals in Texas. Good luck to all exhibitors.


Ms. Charlene Dunn

Charlene Dunn, Rally JudgeCharlene Dunn has taught and trained dogs for over 15 years. She has taught Obedience, Rally, Tracking, and Water Rescue. She is an AKC/UKC Rally judge and an AKC Tracking judge. Her dogs have competed in Tracking, WETDOG, Obedience and Rally. One of her rescue dogs is SAR certified. Her first dog was an AKC registered Labrador Retriever, however, she quickly became involved in Lab rescue and all over her labs have since come from shelters. Dealing with shelter dogs requires a good sense of empathy, understanding, and patience. She has worked with, and judged Bouviers participating in both rally and tracking events for several years. Charlene is known for her watchful eye for gait and stride issues that can affect performance dogs. Her UD Lab had to be retired due to a back injury sustained in a jump chute, so her tendency is to watch the teams closely to prevent this from happening to another dog/handler team.


Jennie Chen

Jennie Chen, Carting JudgeJennie Chen is active in competitive obedience, herding, lure coursing, weight pull, drafting, water rescue, packing, animal assisted therapy, and conformation with her dogs. She owns two Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs named Mouse (11 years old) and Vesta (2 years old). Mouse is the first water rescue Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, and he has been the spokesperson for Keep Austin Dog Friendly since 2002. Jennie also owns a Lowchen named Basil. Basil, weighing 14 lbs, pulled 1390 lbs in weight pull. She is quite possibly the strongest and most hyperactive dog in history.

Jennie has been active in drafting for nearly a decade. She currently teaches drafting clinics in central Texas, and she judges tests all over the country. She loves watching happy dogs draft.

By day, Jennie is the director of research and content at Trendline Interactive. She is a doctorate of psychology, which makes dog training interesting. Her other hobbies include writing about food, beer, and spirits. She also produces interactive events with food such as TEDxAustin and the Cupcake Smackdown.

Cliff Dahl

Cliff Dahl, Carting JudgeCliff Dahl started in pure-bred dogs with his first rottweiler in 1972 but fell in love with the Grosse Schweizer Sennenhund on a trip to Grant’s Farm, home of Budweiser, in 1974 when he met his first “Swissy”. It would be another fifeteen years before he would have one of his own.

Cliff continued showing and working his dogs and in 1998 was the first to earn a draft title on a Swissy. Looking to further this performance sport within the bred Cliff become the first Swissy draft judge while assisting the parent club draw the first set of drafting regulations.

In an effort to provide more venues for drafting enthusists, Cliff helped form the New England Drafting & Driving Club in his local Connecticut and authored its rules. NEDDC put on many clinic/workshops, practice draft tests and fully sanctioned draft tests.

As the GMDCA’s first delegate to the AKC, Cliff formed an advisory committee to research and present Drafting as a performance event. Members of this committee (including your own Christine Palmer-Persen) represented many of the major drafting breeds and spent about five years on this project culmination in the submission of a set of draft regulations which, unfortunately, were voted down by the AKC Board.

Cliff has judged at several GSMDCA National Specialties and held various draft workshops for different groups or regional clubs retiring to Texas in 2008 and every once and a while hooks “Kaas” up to a cart for a spin.

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