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UPDATED SCHEDULE - Please note: This schedule is subject to change once entries close. This will be updated as more information comes in. Click here for a printable copy of this SCHEDULE.

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October 12-21, 2012


Date Time Event Location
12 TBA Agility Sponsored by Northeast Ohio English Cocker Spaniel Fanciers (Premium List) Cleveland, OH
13 TBA Cleveland All Breed Agility Trial (Premium List) Cleveland, OH
TBA Mad River Valley Kennel Club, Inc., 2 Day All Breed Dog Show, Premium List
(Superintendent MB-F)
Urbana, OH
14 TBA

Cleveland All Breed Agility Trial (Premium LIst)

Herding Trials
(Bouviers only with Bouvier Judges) at Workngsd Farm, 1388 Lockwood Rd. Barberton, OH 44203
Cleveland, OH

Barberton, OH


Date Time Event Location
15 10am Herding Test & Trial (Bouvier Only) Barberton, OH
15 8am Carting Test (Premium List) Outside by Tennis Courts
15 9am CGC & TDI Sponsored by BdFC of SEM Tennis Courts
15 10am
Eye Clinic (Dr. Margaret Foss SVM, DACVO)
Cardiac Clinic (Dr. Kirsten Boddy DVM, MS, DACVIM)
Elk Room
Coyote Room
15 2pm Seminar: Herding (Nancy Ward& Karen Trimble - presenters) Granary
15 4pm Seminar: Working Dog (Description) (Karen Trimble & Carol Walker - presenters) Granary
15 7pm Seminar: Performance Conditioning (Description) (Dr. Kathy Topham) Elk/Coyote Rm


Date Time Event Location
16 8am Obedience (David Haddock, judge) Ballroom
16 10am Carting Workshop (Entry Form) (Lisa Rodier & Julie Cramer) outside in the grassy area
16 1pm Futurity (Hal Wilmot, judge) Ballroom
16 2:30 - 4:30pm Seminar: Nosework (Description) (Corrine Dreyfuss & Lisa Rodier - presenters) Ballroom
16 6:30pm Welcome Hospitality Cash Bar w/ hors d'oeuvres Settler's Cabin
16 7:30pm Bingo (Description) Settler's Cabin


Date Time Event Location
17 7 - 8am Complimentary Pancake Breakfast Balll Room Lobby
17 7:30am Rally (David Haddock, judge) Ballroom
17 10:30am Puppy & Veteran Sweepstakes (Michael Faulkner, judge) Ballroom
17 12pm Junior Showmanship (Michael Faulkner, judge) Ballroom
17 1:30pm Seminar: Hip Radiology (Description) (Dr. Lonnie Davis, DVM) Granary
17 3pm Seminar: Canine Cancer (Description) (Rhonda Hovan) Granary
17 7pm Top Twenty Ballroom


Date Time Event Location
18 8am Complimentary Breakfast (Food available for sale in the kiosk from 11am - 2pm. Cash bar available in Lobby of Ballroom @ 3pm)
Balll Room Lobby
18 10am

Dog Classes, including Veteran Dog, Working & Altered Dog (Sigurd Wilberg, judge)
Bitch Classes, including Veteran Bitch, Working, & Altered Bitch (Sigurd Wilberg, judge)
18 9am Seminar: Judges Education (Sue Vroom, jec) Granary
18 7:30pm Annual Meeting (Nancy Eilks, President) Granary


Date Time Event Location
19 7:30am Complimentary Breakfast (Food available for sale in the kiosk from 11am - 2pm. Cash bar available in Lobby of Ballroom @ 3pm) Balll Room Lobby
19 9am Classes: 4-6 Month Puppy Competition (Mary Murphy-East, judge) Ballroom
19 11am

Best Of Breed Dog Competitions


Best of Breed Bitch Competition followed by
Best of Breed Altered Competition
Best Bred By Exhibitor Competition
Best Veteran Competition
Best Puppy Competition

Followed By:
Brace class
Stud Dog class
Brood Bitch class!
Maturity class
19 5:30pm 6:30pm Cocktails
Awards Dinner & Auction
Pontiac Room
Pontiac Room

Saturday - Bouvier des Flandres Club of SE Michigan Specialty

Date Time Event Location
20 8am Complimentary Breakfast Hospitality Balll Room Lobby
20 9am 4-6 month Puppy Competition (Lanalee Jorgenson, judge) Ballroom
20 9:45am Junior Showmanship (Lanalee Jorgenson, judge) Ballroom
20 10am Puppy & Veteran Sweeps (Ann Juhaz, judge) Ballroom
20 1pm Dog Classes and Bitch Classes (Marlene Mortera, judge)
Best of Breed
Best Bred by Exhibitor
Best Veteran
Best Puppy

Followed by
Stud Dog classes
Brood Bitch classes
20 7pm Bar Party Black Bear Saloon


Date Time Event Location
21 8am Complimentary Cider & Donuts or Orange Bread Balll Room Lobby