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Knut-Sigurd Wilberg

Knut-Sigurd Wilberg, Breed Judge I was born in Norway in 1944, and came into dogs when I was 15 years old. I have judged at championship level since 1967. I judge regularly all over Europe and have judged in South Africa, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Barbados, Trinidad, Hong Kong and South America.

I have, together with my wife Kari, made up champions in Norway in the following breeds: Bouvier, German Shepherd, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Scottish Terrier, Schnauzer, Keeshond, Dachshund and Boxer. We were Norway’s top winning Boxer and Bouvier kennel in most of the seventies and early eighties until we moved to the UK.

We moved to England in 1982, and have made up champions in Boxer, Giant Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer, Miniature Schnauzer, Bouviers and Min Wire Dachshunds, 52 in all. We had the top winning Boxer Bitch in the UK in 1984.

We are the only Kennel in the UK who has made up Champions in all three sizes of Schnauzers. Our most famous dog being Ch Rosapik Othello of Kanix who got two BIS awards at all breed championship shows in the UK.

In 1998 we had runner up all breeds in the UK with the Bouvier Ch Kanix Zulu which is our top show dog of all time. He has won 33 CCs, 23 Groups, 9 BIS and 6 RBIS at all breed championship show. He was also runner up all breeds in 1999. He is now regarded as one of the top show dogs of all time in the UK. His sister Ch Kanix Zena won the working Group at Crufts in 1998 and she is the bitch record holder.

Under the FCI rules I am passed to give CCs to all breeds.

I am passed by the English Kennel Club to judge 28 breeds, all Groups and BIS.

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Lisa Rodier

Lisa Rodier, Carting Judge Lisa Rodier became involved in carting in 2000 with her beloved Bouvier, Axel. Axel earned his Novice Draft Dog title from the BMDCA, and in 2006, at the age of 10, was the first Bouvier to earn a (now called) ABdFC Draft Dog title. Lisa has been involved with numerous draft competitions and workshops and has taught carting classes. She is a freelance writer and also works as a marketing consultant in the fields of veterinary physical rehabilitation and sports marketing. She lives with her husband in Alpharetta, GA where she is active with Bouvier rescue, volunteers at her local animal shelter, and teaches K9 Nose Work® classes. She is an AKC CGC evaluator and Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI). Lisa became an ABdFC carting judge in 2011 and looks forward to the carting events at the 2012 Specialty.

Julie Cramer

Julie Cramer, Carting Judge Julie and Bob Cramer live in southeastern Wisconsin and operate Green Grove K9 Center. While Bob is employed at Home Depot, Julie works fulltime in the dog business: operating a boarding kennel, grooming, training and teaching obedience and agility classes. Bob and Julie are also members of Great Lakes Search and Rescue K9, Inc. - a not for profit organization that provides specially trained dogs to help locate missing persons and assist with evidence collection and body recovery.

Julie started carting about 12 years ago with two of her collies. Those original carting dogs have passed away, but the lessons Julie learned have improved each progressive carting dog. Julie has been a judge with ABdFC since 2005 and has judged at several National Specialties, as well as hosting some Carting Trials at their facility in Wisconsin.

The Cramers own and love three Bouvier des Flandres. All three of the Bouvs love to go carting. And, Gideon, the youngest of the three, also works on the Search Team as a Wilderness Area Search and Tracking Dog. Julie is thrilled to be judging at the 2012 Specialty and is expecting it to be a wonderful time!


Hal Wilmot

Hal Wilmot, Futurity Judge I grew up in Nebraska assisting my father training Labrador Retrievers and attending AKC Field Trials.  I always lived with dogs, from Labs., Poodles, and Schnauzers.  In the late eighties my wife Krys and I acquired our first Bouvier and since then our home has always been occupied by numerous Bouviers and lately a few Whippets.

We bred our first litter under the Avion name in 1994.  We usually have one litter a year and have been fortunate to produce some nice dogs.   Krys and I have bred three All-Breed Best in Show winners, five different Best in Specialty Show winners and the 2002 Best of Breed at Westminster.  We have had four different dogs qualify for Top Twenty competition, two of them twice.

I have been the President of the Cactus State Bouvier Club and former board member of the Southern California Bouvier des Flandres Club.  I have had the pleasure to judge the ABdFC Futurity in 2004 and as a Breeder Judge for Top Twenty in 2008.  I’ve also judged the SCBdFC Specialty Sweepstakes in 2000, Sweepstakes in a SCBdFC supported entry in 2003.

I’m honored to have been chosen as this year’s Futurity Judge. I look forward to seeing the entries.  Congratulations to all the exhibitors on your hard work.    Good Luck to all, have a great specialty.

4-6 Months Puppy Class & Juniors

Mary Murphy-East

Mary Murphy-EastDogs have been a part of my life since I can remember. I took hot dogs to grade school and told my Mom "he followed me home, can he live here?" I have lived with Bearded Collies since 1978.  The Murphy family owned one of the first 200 or so Beardies born in the United States. My children and grandchildren have grown up learning to walk holding onto the back of Beardies.  I have shown my dogs to conformation titles here and in Canada. There is an added excitement being a breeder/owner handler.

In 1986 I had the opportunity to instinct test my young Beardie. He did a great job according to the tester. This city girl only knew he was trying to bring me sheep with horns, who thought they were Gazelles. After watching the joy on my dog’s face I was hooked!  My goal now is to have titles on both ends of my dog’s name. 

In real life I work as a computer technician/peer instructor maintaining high speed data networks for CenturyLink.  My dogs add balance to my overly technical world. The special bond I share with my Beardies enhances my life.

Currently I judge Australian Shepherds, Bearded Collies, Border Collies, Cardigan Welsh Corgis, Collies, German Shepherd Dogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Junior Showmanship.

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Nancy Ward

Nancy Ward, Herding JudgeNancy has been an AKC herding judge since 2006. She owns Brigand's HideOut in Battle Ground, WA, a sheep ranch as well as a herding facility. At Brigands, Nancy offers beginning to advanced herding classes, ranch dog classes, as well as supervised and open practice sessions for all types of herding: fetching/driving in open fields and arenas (AKC Course A & B) as well as boundary (AKC Course C). Nancy currently has 2 Bouviers, 2 Australian Kelpies and an Aussie. She has worked with some of the "unusual" herding breeds including Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Spanish Water Dogs, Swiss Mountain Dogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Kerry Blue Terrier, Samoyeds, and Hungarian Pumik. Her Bouvier Jesse was the first Bouvier to receive a herding title on the AKC Course C. Jesse had points toward the Herding Championship when she unexpectedly passed away.

Karen Trimble

Karen Trimble, Herding Judge I grew up with dogs and cats and spent my summers on my grandparents farm riding horses and helping with the cattle when needed.  We also had dogs, cats, chickens and ducks.

I have had bouviers since 1997 and believe with all my heart that they are the perfect dogs “for me”!

I started herding in 2001 with my Bouvier bitch, Winning Ticketts’ Blue Moon, aka Wendy.  We went to the 2004 ABdFC Nationals and won RHIT, she earned 2 HIT’s in the same weekend in AHBA.  Wendy was the 2005 NAWBA Herding Champion and the 2007 NAWBA Reserve Champion, with a HIT at the Championships in 2007 as well.

Her titles include, AKC:  CGC, PT, HSAsd, HIAs, HXAs AHBA,  HTADsd, I, II & III, HTDs I, HTDd III, HRDs I, II & III

I currently have 2 Bouviers, True & Hope, and am training in herding, obedience and protection.

I am an AKC and AHBA Herding Judge.  I was one of the judges at the 2007 NAWBA Herding Championships.  I have judged many trials, including judging the AKC PT and HT tests at the ACD Nationals in Belton, Texas in 2009.  Under a separate judge there I showed 6 ACDs and obtained instinct certificates on all of them.  I have handled over 200 Corgi’s for their herding instinct certificates in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 in Buda, Texas at the Corgi Celebration and I judged the 2011 Welsh Cardigan Corgi Nationals in Hempstead, Texas.

I have trained and shown my Bouvier, a Rottweiller, an Aussie, and several ACD’s, I have also done some training on other Bouviers.

I have helped give Clinics on several dates, including Canada in 2009.

I serve(d) on several board of directors:  BYAA Baseball for 4 years as well as commissioner of different levels within the organization, school PTO for 2 years, I am currently on the THCSDA (Texas Hill Country Stock Dog Association) BoD, currently the NAWBA Secretary and have been going on 6 years.  I am also the Vice President of the Texas Herding Association.

Therapy Dog International and Canine Good Citizen

Cindy Griswold

Cindy Griswold TDI & CGC EvaluatorI have been in dogs all my life but didn't start really working with them until 1989. We have had Boxers and Rottweilers, wash and dry dogs, then Bouviers. My husband had wanted to get me a new diamond and I said how about a new dog. He said if we get a Bouvier I would have to show him, he hasn't been able to keep me out of the ring since. That was 2000. In 2009 at the Nationals in Vermont I became interested in Therapy Dog Testing and became an evaluator for the TDI and the AKC CGC. I have done a few fun matches for the Southeastern Michigan Bouvier Club and last year's Nationals in St. Louis MO. This is something I really love to do and hope to meet more new friends at this year's Nationals!

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David Haddock

David Haddock, Obedience/Rally JudgeA native of Wichita, Kansas, David obtained his first purebred dog in the 1970’s, during which time he owner-handled the Alaskan Malamute to an obedience title and conformation championship. He later acquired Portuguese Water Dogs, handling one of the first PWDs to achieve both Breed Championship and Utility Dog titles.  He is a former board member of the PWD parent club and has authored several PWD articles that have appeared in national publications.  David and his family have also owned and exhibited Border Terriers, Parson Russell Terriers, Havanese, Chihuahuas, Toy Fox Terriers, Whippets, and Samoyeds. 

David is the long-serving President of the Nashville Dog Training Club, where he has been instrumental in developing multiple venues for canine performance.  During his tenure, the club has gained national recognition for its semiannual 4-day agility trials and multiple venues for obedience, rally, tracking, and lure coursing.  He is also a member of the Nashville Kennel Club, Santa Barbara Kennel Club, Westchester Kennel Club, and the Westminster Kennel Club, where he serves on the Dog Committee.  David is a nationally recognized obedience judge, having adjudicated at over 300 trials in 40+ states.  He is also approved for several breeds within the Working Group.

David is a graduate of Washington & Lee University (BA, 1983) and Columbia University (MBA, 1987).  He spent his early professional career with New York-based real estate and finance companies before embarking on a successful entrepreneurial career, first in the health-care field and later in consumer products.  He was a founding partner and/or executive in multiple start-ups and early stage businesses, including Windy Hill Pet Food, a roll-up ultimately acquired by Mars Pedigree.  He has worked internationally as a pet industry consultant, and owns and manages several niche brands within the pet food industry.


Michael Faulkner

Michael Faulkner, Sweepstakes Judge The sport of Purebred Dogs has been an integral part of Michael Faulkner’s life.  As a youngster Michael was active in Junior Showmanship and assisted his parents with their kennel and breeding program.  In the late 1960’s Michael acquired his first Golden Retriever, along with Field Spaniels in the 70s, starting a lifelong love for these two breeds.

During the late 1970’s Faulkner pursued his education earning his BFA, MS.ED, from Alfred University, Alfred, New York while maintaining a breeding program and actively showing his Golden Retrievers, Field Spaniels, Springer Spaniels and Pointers.  Upon the completion of his education Michael established a partnership with the late David White.  For 12 years this team dominated the Sporting Group, completing championships in all of the Sporting breeds, along with numerous group and best in show winners in all seven groups.

Michael has owned, bred and or exhibited ten multiple best in show winning Golden Retrievers along with owning and breeding champion Field Spaniels, Pointers, English Springer Spaniels and Pugs.

Faulkner retired as a professional handler in 1995 and immediately embarked on a judging career.  Michael is approved to judge all Sporting breeds, numerous other breeds in five of the seven groups and is proud of his numerous national specialty assignment, international judging experiences and having judged the Westminster Kennel Club on five occasions, including the Sporting Group in 2006.

Michael continues his Golden Retriever breeding program with his partners: Michele & Michael Leon and Michael Rawlings, under the “Forum” prefix. 

Michael serves is an active Board Member of Take the Lead, member of the GRCA and serves on the Breed Standard Committee.

When Michael is not judging dog shows he keeps busy with his artwork, kayaking, gardening and serves as the Executive Director for a Health Clinic.


Judges for the BdFC of SEM Regional Specialty


Judge Change - New Judge is Marlene Mortera

Marlene Mortera, MI Conformation JudgeThe Bouvier des Flandres Club of Southeastern Michigan has had to change their judge for the October specialty. AKC has approved Marlene Mortera from Puerto Rico to judge the specialty in place of Ulf Brathen, who is unable to judge because of illness.

Marlene Mortera:
Started in the Dog World in 1968 with an American Spitz. In 1972 acquired an Irish Setter which lead to adding an English Setter and a Gordon Setter. Later on, acquired a Pomeranian which the Dog World Magazine awarded “The Dog World Award of Canine Distinction”. As the years passed a Great Dane and a Springer Spaniel were added to the family. Later on a Pug and a Miniature Dachshund became part of the household. Has been a member of the English Setter Club of America, The Gordon Setter Club of America, Great Dane Club of the Mid-South, Magnolia Gordon Setter Club, Puerto Rico Kennel Club, Caribe Kennel Club and founding member of the Gordon Setter Club of Greater Atlanta. Has bred Best in Show Gordon and English Setters and judged for the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club and FCI.


Ann Yuhasz

Ann Yuhasz I am a second generation dog judge and have been in the sport since 1965. My original breed was English Setters followed by Flat-Coated Retrievers. We also exhibited Pointers and English Cocker Spaniels. I have been judging since 1988 and am able to judge the Sporting Group as well as 6 terriers, poodles and half the herding group. I have been lucky enough to judge for many prestigious shows including Westminster twice and many of the Sporting breed Nationals. I have also judged internationally in Europe, Sweden, Australia, Canada and China. My husband and I and one very spoiled Norfolk Terrier now split our lives between Newbury, OH (suburb of Cleveland) and The Florida Keys. You can guess what time of year we go to each one!

I am quite honored to be ask to judge the Bouvier de Flandres Sweepstakes and look forward to greeting all of you and your lovely dogs!

4-6 Months Puppy Class & Juniors

Lanalee Jorgensen

I exhibited my first show dog in 1965 at the Manila Kennel Club in the Philippines. Since then I have been active as handler for more than 45 years, first as an AKC licensed handler, then as a breeder and now as an AKC approved to judge since 1992. In that time I both handled and exhibited animals to championships as well as BIS, BISS, and group wins. In the l970’s, as a handler, I had the privilege of twice winning the GSDCC National Specialty. In 2011, I was the breeder, owner of the High Scoring German Shepherd Dog, High Scoring Champion, and High Scoring Dog in the herding trials at the GSDCA National Specialty.

I recently judged in Scandanavia, and will be judging the PWCCA’s National Specialty in 2013. I am currently serving my 7th year as the Vice President of the GSDCA, having also served many years as a board member. I served as chair for Judges Education, and I am the chair for the updated Illustrated Standard committee, and the live video web streaming from the GSDCA National.

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