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Sara Beathard

Sarah Beathard, from Texas, has enjoyed judging AKC agility since 1999. She has been active in agility since 1996, and also competes with her dogs in Flyball. She currently shares her life with 3 canine companions. Sarah wishes all the competitors at the 2011 Bouvier de Flandres National Specialty Agility Trials the most fun time, wonderful memories to keep always, and best of luck!


Mrs. Judy Goodin

Judge Photo Judith A. Goodin, of Leavenworth, Kansas, began exhibiting dogs in 1965 with a Pointer and Saint Bernard. She has owned and/or bred over one hundred twenty champions, finishing most of them herself, many from the Bred-By-class. Mrs. Goodin is proud that "without benefit of campaigning and advertising" she has "produced top-winning dogs while placing an emphasis on avoiding genetic-related health problems."

An AKC judge since 1970, Mrs. Goodin is approved for the Sporting, Working, and Herding groups and the Chinese Shar-Pei. Among her career highlights are judging the Working Group and Sporting Group at Westminster and the Working Group at the AKC National Championship, and the numerous National Specialties she has judged.

Mrs. Goodin is a founding member of the Leavenworth Kennel Club and is serving her second term as president of the club, the first having lasted sixteen years. She also spent nineteen years as the LKC’s show chair, and is currently show chair for the Heart of America Kennel Club of which her husband is president. Other club affiliations include: founding member and director of the Heart of America Saint Bernard Club, and a term as secretary of the World Union of Saint Bernard Clubs. She has also served three terms as president, one year as vice president and three years as a director of the American Pointer Club.

Mrs. Goodin is a respected educator and mentor, having conducted breed seminars, written articles and addressed club meetings. She holds a degree in interior design and operated her own design firm for eighteen years. President and principal stockholder of a contracting firm, Mrs. Goodin fills what little spare time she has with her love for art, antiques and music. Ten Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and five Pointers currently reside with her and her husband.

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Julie Cramer

My interest in carting began with driving horses. I have a Norwegian Fjord horse who drives and it is so much fun, when I noticed carting as a draft activities in the American Working Collie Association, I thought I would give it a try. So, several of my collies learned to pull and earned carting titles and I was hooked.

As I thought about the history of the Bouvier des Flandres, I realized that carting and other draft work was a natural activity for them, so I hitched up my Bouvier, Ivo and found that he enjoyed carting almost as much as I do. Now, all 3 of my Bouvs look forward to putting on their harnesses and taking a ride, or helping out with kennel chores, or yard work. They are especially noticed when they help pull the groceries home from the store! We also participate in several area festivals and parades and the Carting Dogs are always a BIG hit with spectators

In 2005, I had the honor of judging the first ever ABdFC Carting Test at the National Specialty. We had a blast and all 3 entries passed with flying colors. I worked as the Carting committee Chair for ABdFC and at the next few Specialty Carting Trials we had increasing entries each year. My husband and I hosted three sanctioned Carting Events at our facility in Wisconsin, and I had the honor of judging the NAWBA Carting Trials in St. Louis and in Wisconsin.

Circumstances required that Bob and I stay close to home in 2009 and 2010 and we have missed seeing so many of our Carting friends. I am thrilled to be a part of the 2011 Bouvier des Flandres Specialty and am looking forward to my part in the Carting Trials.

Ruth Jayson

I have owned and trained Bouviers since 1993. I have earned several obedience titles on my first two Briarlea Cinder Bear and CH Emperor’s Trajan. I became interested in carting/drafting after observing a demonstration and being asked to help with the first ABdFC carting test at our Specialty in Rochester, Minnesota. I have been on the Carting/Drafting Committee since 2005 acting as Secretary. I became a Drafting judge in 2008 and judged the Drafting test at the Specialty in

2009 in Albequerque, New Mexico. I am very happy to see that Drafting Tests have become a part of our Specialty and that our entries are increasing every year. I look forward and feel honored to judge the test this year.


Mrs. Terry Burian-Creel

Since birth, dogs are in the making of who I’ve become. My father was an avid hunter and had a Weimaraner named Kin Kin. He was a great dog. It is said that some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I was born with a silver ear. While I sucked my thumb, I used Kin Kin’s ear as my “binky”. I can still remember how soft he was. At 9 years I acquired a Miniature Poodle, Monic, and I learned how to groom her. By 11, I worked in a pet shop grooming pets. When I was 21, I went to work fulltime for handlers, Rick Byrd and Nancy Byrd. Under their tutelage, I learned how to hand strip Wire Fox, Lakeland and Welsh. There at Rick and Nancy’s kennel, Pet Bazzar, I met my first Bouvier, Suzette of Standfast Famrs. We raised three litters and I showed Ch. Standfast Ricarro, Standfast Ricolette and Standfast Rival, all fawns. I fell in love with Bouviers.

While in the thick of campaigning a Weimaraner, Ch. Valmar’s Yours Truly, I met my now husband, Roy Creel. Roy builds and races vintage race cars. I started driving as well. This was the busiest and most exciting time of my life. One week I’d be winning the Group, the next I’d be driving the coupe at Bonneville, setting a number of world records, one of which still stands today.

I have the honor of having bred Best In Show dogs in four breeds…Weimaraners, Bouviers, Kerry Blue Terriers and Basset Hounds. Among them, the Bouvier BIS Ch. Terra’s Too Hot To Handle, winner of the National Specialty in 1997 and a multiple BIS bitch. BIS Ch. Terra’s Shore Thing, winner of the first Top Twenty. I purchased Ch. Aristes HotRod as a 7 week old puppy and handled him to a National Specialty win in 1995. He became one of our top producers. In 1998 I began judging and had the honor that year of doing the ABdFC Futurity and the Great Western Kerry Blue Terrier Sweepstakes. Back surgery took me out of the rings for about 5 years. During that time, HotRod passed. As I watched this dog be courageous, fighting for his life, he showed me how to have courage in the face of adversity. By November of 2002 I was back handling. While my physical abilities may have lessened, my heart has strengthened. Bouviers are such a big part of my life’s journey.

Thank you, I am glad to have the opportunity to judge this year’s Futurity and see how this wonderful breed has progressed.

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Jim New

I started herding with my first Bearded Collie in the early 1990's. One of the first herding trials we attended was a Bouvier National Specialty That was held on the Holiday Inn grounds in Pacific, Missouri. I bought salebarn sheep in 1993, and proceeded to make every mistake possible, in raising sheep. I learned from these mistakes and started raising St Croix sheep in 1995, an endeavor that continued until last fall.

I was lucky enough to win the 1994 Beardie National Specialty herd trials, and also again in 1993. I have trialed, at last count, in twenty three states, and have Advanced Herding titles on my current Beardie, Star, in AKC, AHBA, and ASCA.

I have been an AKC judge since 2001, and have judged at National Specialties for Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, and Standard Schnauzers. I have also done herding instinct tests for over five hundred dogs, including doing testing for five Border Collie National Specialties. One of my greatest pleasures is seeing people now competing at advanced herding levels, who started out with bringing me their dog to test.


Ginger Kineon

Judge Photo Virginia (she prefers Ginger) Kinion has been judging AKC obedience for the past eighteen years and has been training and showing in obedience for twenty eight years. Her dogs have included five shelties, three Tibetan terriers, a miniature pincher, a golden retriever, and a poodle mix. These dogs have earned as their highest title two OTCH”s, two UDX’s, three UD’s, two CDX’s and one CD. She has also earned several agility and rally titles on her dogs. Ginger is retired from a 26-year career teaching sixth graders. She shares her home with four dogs, a cat, and has fun spending time with grandchildren. Other pastimes besides training, showing, teaching, and judging obedience include watching baseball and football, reading, traveling, taking long walks, and going to the movies. Ginger loves helping new people in the sport of obedience and teaches four classes a week. She appreciates all the exhibitors who have shown in her ring throughout the years and hopes each of you have fun at your National.


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Michael Greenberg

Michael Greenberg, along with his wife Meg, has been involved with Briards since 1976, the year their first two Briards joined their family. While much of their time has been spent in the North East, they have resided in Yanceyville, NC , for the last 8 years.

Michael became immersed in the world of pure-bred dogs quickly, not only working for the Briard Club of America as a show chair twice, but for multiple all-breed clubs as an officer and show chair. He currently serves as Treasurer for Danville Kennel Club, and as its show chair, as well as show chair for the Devon Dog Show Association. He is a Lifetime Member of both the Briard Club of America and the Atlantic States Briard Club, for whom he is currently Treasurer. Michael is interested in all herding breeds, and has a special love of the Beauceron, Bouvier, Berger Picard, Puli, and the Pyreanean Shepherd. He is currently starting his second year as President of the American Beauceron Club. Mike is a Parent Club Approved Presenter-Tutor for Briards and Beauceron.

Michael began judging in 1993, and judges Briards, the 3 Belgians, Bearded Collies, and Juniors. He has judged multiple Regional Briard Specialties in the States, as well as Briard National Specialties in The Netherlands, Finland, and Canada. Travel abroad has been part of his education in Briards, and it has enabled him to see dogs in Belgium, France, England, and The Netherlands at World Dog Shows, Crufts, and smaller events. Mike is looking forward to the opportuntity to see the future stars of the Bouvier breed in his ring in October.

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