page last updated on 8/6/11

Ways & Means

Check out the Ways & Means Catalog [2.3Mb] and create your own item! You can choose from many different items, choose your logo, and even choose the color of Bouvier (Grey or Fawn)! The deadline for special orders is September 1st, 2011. Pick up your item(s) at the specialty, or for $10 have it shipped directly to you. When you're ready to order, download the Ways & Means Order Form [1.7Mb], fill in the blanks and mail your order form and payment to Jill Reifschneider. Some of the items will not be available at the specialty - so order now!!

Auction & Raffle

Specialty time 2011 is rapidly approaching and the excitement is building. Our raffle and auction promise to offer some very exciting Bouvier memorabilia and some fun non-doggy items as well. If you havenít offered your donation of an auction or raffle item yet, please call Sue Digiorno. Thank you all for your generous participation. More detailed information available on page 7 of the Planning Guide. Download you copy now!

Regional Clubs

Regional club auction/raffle liaisons needed, please contact Sue Digiorno at