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ABdFC Awards Committee Chair - Arden Shaw
ABdFC Handler Awards - Myra Roth
ABdFC Versatility Chair - Karen Kimbrough
Multi-level Performance Award - Jean Nocilly


ABdFC Awards and Qualifications for Awards

Award Certificates

These awards are certificates automatically issued to club members for any AKC title earned on a Bouvier for the year. The year covers the AKC Awards publications from October of one year through September of the following year, covering titles earned from July 1 through June 30. The dog must be owned or co-owned by a member of the ABdFC.

The certificates are available at the Annual Awards Dinner at the National Specialty each year. Unclaimed certificates are mailed. Lists of awards winners are published in the Dirty Beards each year.

The Versatile Bouvier Award

Versatility Program - Dogs earning sufficient "points" for participating and competing in a variety of areas can qualify for a versatility award. The areas of participation include conformation, obedience, tracking, herding, agility, Carting/Draft Work, Schutzhund/IPO Working Dog, coursing, and any other activity that can be verified that shows the versatile nature of the breed.

Application must be made to and specific criteria can be obtained from the Versatility Chair. There are three levels of this award, Basic, Excellent and Champion.

Dogs who are awarded one of these titles receives an Award Certificate and a medal in the appropriate color engraved with the dog's name and title. The medals are Bronzetone for Basic, Silvertone for Excellent and Goldtone for Champion. There is no cost to the applicant.

Multi-Level Performance Award

The Multi-level Performance (MLP) is a special competition held at the National Specialty Show once each year. There typically is no entry fee, but each dog must be registered in advance for the scores to count. Each dog must compete in at least three different activities offered at the Specialty. Points are awarded based on the scores earned in each event, with the dog with the highest total points being declared the winner. Specific scoring criteria can be obtained from Jean Nocilly. See MLP Guidelines

The winner is announced at the Annual Awards Banquet. The Winner receives a bronze Bouvier statue. The Reserve winner also is honored with a smaller bronze statue.

Owner-Handler and Breeder-Owner-Handler Awards

These awards will be based on an application process (not be awarded automatically). There will be no cost to the applicant, but the Owner Handler/Breeder Owner Handler will be required to be a club member. For more information visit the Owner Handler Awards page or contact the Handler Awards Chair.

Top Producers

The ABdFC Club Statistician keeps a record of each dog earning a title during the calendar year. The Sire and Dam of each dog earning any AKC title are tracked.

The Stud Dog/Brood Bitch producing the highest number of offspring earning titles during the calendar year are automatically awarded with an Award Certificate, and a wooden Bouvier Plaque with a plate engraved with the award earned. These are also awarded at the Annual Awards Banquet at the National Specialty each year.

A panel of 3 judges will decide the winner. An inscribed plaque will be awarded to the winner at the Specialty Awards Dinner that year.

Dog Hero Of The Year

Nominations for the Bouvier Dog Hero Of The Year are made to the current Specialty Show Chairman. The Chairman or the Show Committee selects the winner, who is announced at the Annual Awards Banquet. The winner is awarded a Bouvier Plaque commemorating the award.

Nominations include a short description of why the dog deserves the award, submitted a few weeks before the Specialty event, to the current Specialty Show Chairman.

Veterinarian of The Year

The ABRL offers this award annually to a deserving veterinarian. Members can nominate any veterinarian they feel is deserving of this award. A short description of the reasons why the nominee should be awarded the Veterinarian Of The Year along with a $5 nominating fee (Donation to ABRL) needs to be sent to Marcia Proud 123 Silver Dollar Road, Barnesville, GA, 30204-3217 by September 20th for that year.

Other Awards

The ABdFC Board of Directors may offer such other special awards as they so choose.

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