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American Bouvier des Flandres Club
Code of Ethics
Approved June 1997
This Code is designed to establish a standard of conduct to be followed by all members of the AMERICAN BOUVIER des FLANDRES CLUB in the course of breeding, selling, exhibiting and advertising Bouviers.


Each member of the club will consider the welfare of the breed when engaged in any activities involving breeding, exhibiting and selling of Bouviers, and will refrain from any actions which would be prejudicial to the best interests of the breed and the Club.

Every dog should be provided with humane living quarters and personal care as well as adequate veterinarian-supervised health care.


a) All breeding stock shall be in good Health and free from Communicable disease.

b) While x-raying of breeding stock is not mandatory, it is highly recommended and individuals whose dog or bitch is to be bred to another's are urged to furnish and request such x-rays for the stud and bitch.

c) A bitch shall be bred to only one stud dog during any one oestrus cycle.

d) No bitch shall be bred more often than two out of three heat seasons (and only if in excellent health), and never at the time of her first season unless this occurs after 12 months of age.

e) Full disclosure, when requested by either party to a proposed breeding, of what the dog or bitch has previously produced and background details as known.

f) To breed carefully and with discrimination for the purpose of improving the breed, not just for profit.

g) It is recommended that, to protect all parties, stud service contracts be made in writing, executed by both parties.

h) A Bouvier without registration papers shall not be used for breeding.

i) All breeders will be responsible for any dog for which they are the breeder of record that is in need of rescue or are in the rescue program. This responsibility is to include the cost of returning the dog to the breeder. If the dog remains with rescue, the breeder shall conform to all rescue guidelines, and shall reimburse rescue for all costs incurred.


a) No member of the club shall engage in wholesaling of litters of Bouviers or individual sales of puppies or adults to pet shops, pet dealers, catalog houses or other commercial establishments, nor shall they be given as prizes in contests nor exploited to the detriment of the breed or of pure-bred dogs.

b) All Bouviers sold shall be in good health and condition, free from communicable disease. No adult or puppy shall be sold without adequate immunization against disease in terms of its age.

c) Prices of puppies and adults shall be based on individual quality. Pet quality stock shall not be misrepresented as show prospects.

d) Any puppy sold as a show prospect which subsequently develops a congenital or disqualifying defect shall be:

(1) replaced by the breeder with another show prospect puppy,

(2) the money refunded and the dog returned to the breeder, or

(3) the buyer's money refunded to the extent of the difference between the price paid and the price of pet puppies sold from the same or similar litters, the buyer retaining the dog.

e) A puppy showing deviations from the standard, rendering it unsuitable for breeding or showing, will be registered by the breeder with a limited registration. Only the breeder may request the AKC to remove the limitation at some later date, when conditions warrant such action. All other puppies eligible for registration will be registered within the time constraints of the AKC. Papers may not be withheld without a signed agreement with the buyer

f) Sellers are to provide buyers with the following papers:

(1) A sales contract specifying all conditions of the sale and signed by both buyer and seller. (A condition of the sale of a pet quality puppy is that the puppy should be neutered as soon as practical.)

(2) The rules pertaining to limited registration if appropriate.

(3) An application to register or an application to transfer ownership with the necessary information filled in unless the sales contract specifies that papers are to be withheld until certain conditions of the sale have been completed.

(4) A four-generation pedigree.

g) It is recommended that adult dogs and bitches no longer performing activities which require them to remain whole be neutered as soon as possible for the comfort and convenience of both the pet and the owner.


All members of the Club shall conduct themselves at all time in a manner which will reflect credit upon themselves and upon the breed, regardless if the location or circumstances, but especially when attending dog club meetings or shows, whether as an exhibitor or spectator.

All advertising shall be truthful and ethical. Any claims made must be provable. Fraudulent advertising, misrepresentation or misleading statements shall constitute prima-facie evidence of violation of the intents of this Code.

In the case of untruthful or unethical advertising, the censured member must, at his expense, have a retraction printed in the same publication and in the same size as that of the advertising for which he was censured.


Violations or infractions to the Code are to be brought to the Board's attention and dealt with in the manner prescribed by the Club's Constitution and By-Laws.

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