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Top Twenty Event
Procedures and Ring Protocol For Handlers & Dogs

Morning of the Top 20 Event:

  1. The day of the Top 20 evening event a required handler’s meeting will be held for all handlers that have a dog registered to participate in the Performance dog exhibition / recognition.  Attendance at this meeting is critical since it will review exactly what the handler’s need to do, where they are expected to be, and at what time.  For example, the handler’s will receive their armband number and order of entry into the ring, the ring protocol will be reviewed. A diagram of the ring with the participants’ points of entry and exit will be provided.  This is the time for a handler to ask any questions to insure they understand what is expected of them and their dogs.
  2. Time and place of the handler’s meeting will be announced no later than the morning of the Top 20 event.  Signs will be posted with the meeting’s time and location at the Show Secretary’s table, and in high traffic areas on the show grounds.  The meeting will also be announced over a loud speaker system.
  3. Attendance at this meeting is critical – as already stated above in #1.  Therefore, if the handler cannot attend, it is preferred that they send an alternate to the meeting.  However, if they cannot send an alternate, then it is the handler’s responsibility to notify the Top 20 Chair, or another Top 20 Committee member that they will NOT be attending the meeting nor will they have an alternate attending.  The handler and Top 20 Committee member need to find a mutually agreeable time to meet prior to the event in order for the handler to get their armband number, and all information pertinent to their participation in the evening’s event.

Evening of the Top 20 Event:

  1. Attire for all handlers and  attendees is formal or semi-formal wear
  2. Performance handler’s and their dogs start the evening festivities.  At 6:30 pm, they need to be at the exact location that was announced at the handler’s meeting, lined up in their pre-assigned order, prepared to enter the room / ring one at a time.
  3. Each Performance handler will be ‘cued’ by the director to enter the ring one at a time through the entry point designated at the handler’s meeting and take one full lap around the ring with their dog at any speed that is comfortable for them.  IE, they can walk, trot, run – whatever is most comfortable.
    1. While the handler and dog are taking their lap around the ring, the Emcee will be announcing the dog’s name using its AKC prefix titles and the titles they earned within the past year that led to their qualification into the Performance Top 20.
    2. After completing one lap, the handler will move with their dog to the center of the ring where the Top 20 Committee presenter is standing.  They will take their rosette from the presenter and upon the presenter’s direction will move to either the left or the right of the presenter (in the center of the ring).  Eventually, all of the handler’s and their dogs will be standing in a straight line on the left or right side of the presenter – facing the same direction as the presenter  and standing shoulder to shoulder.  Handlers should allow enough space between each handler / dog team for safety and comfort.
    3. After all the attending Performance Dogs have entered the ring, received their rosette, and taken their spot in the center line up, the Emcee will announce where the Official Show Photographer will be taking pictures.  The Emcee will direct the handlers to take one additional lap around the ring with their dogs – this time, all together in a single file.  After completing one lap, each dog will exit the ring at the same point where they entered.

Top 20 Performance Dog Photography:
At the conclusion of the Performance Top 20 exhibition / ceremony, the Official Show Photographer will be available.  His/ her location will have been announced at the handler’s meeting that morning. Performance Top 20 participants are invited to have their pictures taken that evening to commemorate the event.

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