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FROM THE 2010 TOP TWENTY COMMITTEE: Christa Townsend, Susan Upcraft, Sue Vroom

In order to pay tribute to our breeders, the idea was born to recognize consistent and outstanding achievement of our top breeders in the form of a new program, the Top Twenty Outstanding Breeder Honor Roll. Breeders who have bred a minimum of 5 dogs ranked in the top twenty Bouviers competing in the nation since the inception of the our Top Twenty event from the year 2000 to 2011, were honored and recognized at the 2011 Top Twenty event as charter members of the Honor Roll. In the coming years, as breeders qualify for this special recognition, their names will be added and recognized at each year’s Top Twenty evening event.


Paquette, Elaine and Louise-2011 *

  1. CH Quiche’s Voltaire
  2. CH Quiche’s Weekend Warrior
  3. CH Quiche’s Zena Warrior Princess
  4. CH Quiche’s Zoom The Rocket
  5. CH Quiche’s Blast Off
  6. CH Quiche’s Demetrius
  7. CH Quiche’s Glamour Girl
  8. CH Quiche’s Grand Finale
  9. CH Quiche’s Intrepid Captain Sully-2012
  10. GCH Quiche’s Jewels Are Forever-2013
  11. GCH Quiche’s Infinity And Beyond-2013
  12. CH Quiche’s Happy Hour - 2014

Hoffman, Sheila-2011 *

  1. CH Vanleighof’s Bold Image
  2. CH Vanleighof’s Believe in Dreams
  3. CH Deewal Bruma Vanleighof
  4. CH Vanleighof Eye’m Raisin’Cain
  5. CH Vanleighof Eye V League at Den-Mar
  6. CH Vanleighof California Heat
  7. CH Vanleighof Havana Joe

Johnson, Doug and Michaelanne-2011 *

  1. CH Rocheuses Diamond In The Rough
  2. CH Rocheuses Good As It Gets
  3. CH Rocheuses First Knight
  4. CH Rocheuses Dyna Glide
  5. CH Rocheuses It’s All About Me
  6. CH Rocheuses Pretty In Pink
  7. CH Rocheuses Me And My Shadow At Cornus
  8. CH Rocheuses Lord Of The Dance
  9. CH Rocheseuses Extra On Stage

Olivera, Susie/Donnelly, Rick, Reba-2011 *

  1. CH Donlee Shooting Star
  2. CH Scout von Heartland
  3. CH Donlee Man O War
  4. CH Donlee Jewel of Aquitaine
  5. CH Donlee Kyle’s Paris

Calm, Cheryl-2011 *

  1. CH Calm’s Visions Of Sugarplums
  2. CH Calm Valorous Vaquero
  3. CH Calm Zircon of Dylan
  4. CH Calm Gonna Fly Now Dajeen
  5. CH Calm Vishnu Rama Dushar TD PTD
  6. CH Cobeauche Belenus Butterbear
  7. GCH Calm Dajeen Jobu Almighty – 2014

Calhoun, Lee-2011 *

  1. CH Frontier Blackngold Panache
  2. CH Frontier Top Gun At Margaux
  3. CH Avalon’s Sleepinglady Webber
  4. CH Avalon’s Frontier Funny Girl
  5. CH Avalon’s Frontier Hotspur HT
  6. CH Frontier’s License To Carry At Margaux
  7. CH Frontier Dress Gray PT
  8. CH Frontier’s Cambria Of Avalon
  9. GCH Take Aim’s Playing For Gryffindor - 2014

McDaniel, Sherrod-2011 *

  1. CH Wizard’s Gait Mr. Great Gatsby
  2. CH Avalon’s Aurora
  3. CH Frontier’s Cambria Of Avalon
  4. CH Avalon’s Sleepinglady Webber
  5. CH Avalon’s Frontier Funny Girl
  6. CH Avalon’s Frontier Hotspur HT

Langley, Cindy-Inducted 2012

  1. CH Obvious Mr. Muchacho
  2. CH Obvious Master Blaster
  3. CH Obvious Deep Blue Sky
  4. CH Obvious Rose Petals
  5. CH Obvious Sonic Boom-2012

Lyon, Sandi-Inducted 2012

  1. CH Margaux’s Mystic Solitaire
  2. CH Margaux’s Venture Capital
  3. CH Margaux’s Guilty Pleasure
  4. CH Margaux’s Kelly At Limerick-2012
  5. CH Margaux’s Stacked Deck-2012
  6. GCH Cam’s Derringer-2012
  7. CH Margaux’s Va Voom – 2014
  8. GCH Margaux’s You Better Believe It – 2014
  9. CH Margaux’s Takes Two To Tango – 2014
  10. GCH. Margaux's Anchors Away - 2014

De Young, Sunny (Performance) – 2013

  1. HiT MACH2 Briarlea's Life Is A Breeze RN MXG MJC NAP NJP MXF MFB TQX NFP CA
  2. Briarlea Common Virtue MX MXJ OF
  3. HiT Briarlea Nina de la Luz OTCH OM2 UDX 4
  4. Briarlea Bennuasar Thanefer NA NAJ OF
  5. HiT Briarlea Alta Bella HSAds HIAd HXAd

Abramsohn, Judith – 2014

  1. CH Avion Voyager de la Salsa
  2. GCH Tiwa Josh de la Salsa
  3. GCH Hatch Tillie de la Salsa
  4. GCH Stonewall I-Zak de la Salsa
  5. GCH Stonewall Iski de la Salsa

Motta, Angie – 2016

  1. CH. Bon Idee’s Garden Party
  2. CH. Bon Idee’s Great Expectations
  3. GCH. Bon Idee’s London Calling
  4. GCH. Bon Idee’s Love American Style RN CA CGC
  5. GCH. Bon Idee’s Made You Look CGC

Charter Inductee - *

We congratulate the accomplishments of these dedicated people and look forward to adding the names of those who will join them in the future and recognized at our Top Twenty Competition evening event.

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