President’s Message Spring 2014

As I sit down to write this message, the sun is peaking through the clouds, the promise of spring is slowly arriving to the Houston area…it’s been a LONG winter. I don’t need to remind any of you of that, for when our spring flowers are gone, many of you will be praying your mounds of snow disappear before mid-May! It seems that Mother Nature has been especially hard on every part of the country this year. We’ve been inconvenienced by ice covered roads in the early mornings, while other regions have been incapacitated with snow and ice storms, flooding rains, and wild fires. For Mark and me, the dryness of the past 2 years, coupled with 3 hard freezes between December and February this winter, turned our drought stricken grass into nothing more than dormant straw to be kicked up by thundering Bouvier paws. Our girls did relish the cool temperatures. How delighted they have been to run and joist…how sad it has been for me to have unrecognizable tile floor color for all the muddy foot prints. Yes they are all crate trained, no we do not have a kennel room off the house, so such is life with the Bouviers we love.

Plans are ramping up for this year’s National at the Purina Farms Event Center and Grounds in Gray Summit, Missouri. The 2014 Event Schedule is a full day and a half shorter than 2011. The Specialty Committee, headed by Chair Bronwyn Bauer, has the schedule of events up on the website…there is always some venue overlap, this year that overlap is readily apparent. We’ll all need to pitch in to keep the action packed 4 and half days moving and on time! Please volunteer to help the committee in some small or big way. Herding kicks off the week on Saturday and Sunday with a two day trial a short distance from Purina Farms, if you plan to arrive early, contact Jean Nocilly to see where she can use your help. The Carting test can always use a couple of extra folks to step in as freight haul stewards, an Agility trial always needs an extra hand to help set dropped jump bars, and Specialty Ways and Means with the sales table. Then sit back and watch as our agile, spirited, and bold Bouviers compete in Conformation, Obedience and Rally. Don’t be shy, jump right in! Help is always appreciated and new friendships are forged at each year’s National Specialty.

One last note: This DBQ edition includes a ‘Performance Plus’ article on the Bouviers re-entry into AKC’s Working Dog Sport venue. Many Club Members are excited about this opportunity to receive title recognition by AKC from this Bouvier Heritage discipline. Thank you, Nancy Eilks for bringing your unfinished business to my attention when you passed the President’s ‘baton’ to me in 2012. Thank you, Carol Walker, for stepping up to the plate when I called on your WDS knowledge to accept the 2013-14 Committee Chair post. And, thank you Charlie Price for the many months you worked in 2003-07 with AKC to make this all possible. Your dedication to the breed we love, and event you are passionate for, has come back into full focus. Please visit the ABdFC Website home page to view historic photos.

For the Love of the Breed,
Susan Costanzo
ABdFC President

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