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Carting Competition

NDD GCH CH Eclipse Be Careful What You Wish For CD BN GN RE HSAdsc HSBd HIAdsc HXAsc OAP NJP NDD

CGC Completion

CGC Cam's Pistol Packin' Paisley CGC
CGC Frog Hollow's Apollo Loki CGC
CGC GCH CH Margaux's Prince Of Tides CGC
CGC Bon Idee's Needle In A Haystack CGC
CGC Brimar's Lafayette Natsha CGC
CGC Herdeaux Alpine Lily CGC
CGC CH Lamadero's Eyes On The Prize By Reidsan CGC
CGC Margaux's Great Warrior Of Men CGC

Therapy Test Completion

THD CH Delux Constant Gardener Runamok RA THD
THD Dolce Vita Del Robles THD
THD Tekhoe's Vampire Slayer BN RE THD
THDD Del Robles Dasy Dazzler THDD
THDD Winsum's Clever Cookie THDD
THDN GCH CH Legacy's Zane Grey RN THDN CGC
THDN Olive Our Good Fortune CD BN THDN CGCA
THDX La Perla Clifford THDX
THDX Round Hill's Nutmeg THDX


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